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Our Story

Sean Phengmisouk, owner of Bua Loy Cuisine is thrilled to open a small restaurant named after his mother.  In translation Bua Loy, means “Floating Lotus” which represents Chef Boualoy’s journey: migrating from Laos for a better future for her becoming a Chef at her son's restaurant.   Boualoy has been cooking for the community for more than 10 years, giving them a taste of Laos by selling her delicious Homemade Lao Sausages, Larb Gai, and Khao Piak Sen. Chef Bualoy stands proud of her culture and her food along with her sons (Sean Phengmisouk and Vong Phengmisouk.) Chef Boualoy is not only sharing her authentic culinary expertise, but also knowledge. She wants to share the traditional dishes and flavors that represent Laos’ strong heritage. 

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